Monday, April 14, 2014

A Few Random Pictures

I want to make sure to document our life lately, and this is kind of how it has been - random and chaotic.

Ellie insisted that I take a picture of her coloring. I included this picture because it shows how we don't really get out of our pajamas before 11 these days! (If we get out of them at all...) And Ellie has been sporting the untamed afro look a lot lately.

Both of the older kids want to share their toys with Jonah. It's kind of difficult to explain to them that he's too small to play soccer...

Last week Sam took all day Thursday off of work to help me with the kids, and we took them to get donuts in the morning (hence the chocolate all over Nathan's face) and to the park after that. They had some much-needed attention and fun. And apparently it was all a little too much for Nathan. :)

Nathan was telling me all about the blocks that he was building with. He loves to stack them, but mostly he loved to bang them together. Those suckers can be loud!

We took a trip to Idaho Falls this weekend to get some groceries. Ellie was quite excited about this little seat in the bathroom at Sam's Club.

Dad thought his little boy needed a Batman shirt with a cape to counteract all of the necklaces he has been wearing lately...

...And he's stinking cute in it!

Ellie still loves to snuggle up next to Jonah (who is definitely getting chubbier, by the way!). This morning while Sam was making breakfast I set Jonah on the bed so I could take a quick shower, and when I got out I saw that Jonah was completely covered with our bedspread. It freaked me out, so I quickly pulled back the covers, and there was Ellie snuggling with him. Apparently they just needed a blanket to cuddle under.

It is fun to watch how much Ellie and Nathan love their little brother. I wish he would be able to remember how many kisses and snuggles he is getting every day during this part of his life... He may need that reminder when his siblings are beating up on him in a few years!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dancing With Her Prince

This morning Ellie said to Nathan, "Come dance with me, my prince!" He usually runs away, but today he stood up and reached out his hands. They danced together like this for quite awhile:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jonah Cardon Brubaker

Our little Jonah was born on March 30th. He has a full head of dark hair, and we love him so much already. 

His siblings love him too, and want to be around him all the time. 

This morning Ellie requested that Jonah sit by her on the chair. They sat together like that for half an hour.

At one point, Ellie told me "look Mom, he's holding my hand!"

(Don't mind the diapers in the background... Nathan took it upon himself to take all of the diapers out of the package and fling them around the room while I was nursing Jonah)

Nathan has also gotten used to having another little person around the house. Here he is, demonstrating how he can be "soft" with the baby. When Jonah is not within sight, Nathan is asking about him. I love watching the new big brother interact with his little brother, but I definitely have to stay close by so an eye doesn't get poked out...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And So It Begins...

Don't mind the "snot shimmer" under his nose. It's that time of year - no matter how much I wipe his nose, it's always there.

This boy has officially learned how to crawl onto the table. Wonderful. He hasn't fallen off... Yet...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our Little Princess

This little girl has become absolutely obsessed with everything "princess" lately. Of course that doesn't surprise me since she is an almost three-year-old girl. She loves all of the songs from "Frozen," and she can sing almost every word to them. We were in one of the buildings at BYU-Idaho last week, and a guy came up to us and said, pointing to Ellie, "Is she the one that was singing Let It Go earlier?" Yep, that was definitely her. She also requests the "Belle" cd that we have in the car almost every time we drive somewhere. 

When we brush her teeth, she insists that we find each princess in her mouth. She also refused a normal tube of toothpaste because there was a princess one next to it. It was about 50 cents more for the princess tube, but that's worth it for a girl's happiness, right? Her favorite book is any one of the stories from her princess bedtime book that she got for Christmas. She can name almost all of the princesses, except for Tiana. She calls her "Tina," which cracks me up because it reminds me of the llama from Napoleon Dynamite...

The funniest part of this whole princess obsession, though, is the "royalty" lingo she has learned. For a few months now she has called Nathan her prince and tried to dance with him. He does NOT enjoy it. Not even a little bit. And after renting Sleeping Beauty a few weeks ago, she has started calling me "Queen Mommy," "Princess Mommy," or my favorite, "Your Majesty." (If only her calling me these things would make her want to obey me...... :) )

The highlight of Ellie's month was when her uncle Tucker built the world's coolest castle for her Cinderella doll. Unfortunately, she kicked it over almost immediately after it was done. None of the castles I have tried to build have gotten even close to as awesome as that one. Every time I try to build her a castle with the blocks she says "No Mommy, bigger! That's not a Cinderella castle!" Building with blocks has definitely never been one of my talents...

She loves to sing, dance with her dad, and spin to any kind of princess music. We are so glad that we have our little princess to keep us on our toes!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


A few nights ago it was raining really hard when I put the kids to bed. Nathan had never really seen rain like that on his window, and his face was completely filled with wonder. The kids have been blowing a lot of bubbles in the garage lately (it's our substitute for going outside since it's still too cold!) so I guess that is what Nathan thought the rain falling on the window looked like because he kept saying "bubbles!" I held him up to the window and taught him how to say rain, then I put him in his crib. When I looked in a few minutes later, he was still staring at the window saying "rain." It was so fun to watch him experience something he enjoyed so much. I sure love our little man.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Throwing Throw-up

We had a rather hilarious drive to daycare/school/work this morning. We were running a little late, so the kids and I were eating in the car. I got in the car and immediately spilled milk from my cereal on myself. Sweet. Then, as we were driving along, Ellie started to choke/gag on her string cheese. While he was driving, Sam reached back and helped her. She got it under control and that was that. Not even a minute later, Nathan started to choke, too. We couldn't stop because of where we were on the road, but Sam again reached back and tried to help him. He kept gagging and I couldn't really get to him because I had a full bowl of cereal and milk that would spill if I set it down, and my arms aren't long enough to reach him if I'm buckled. We turned the corner a second later and Sam stopped the car so he could help him. He reached into his mouth to grab the food, which made Nathan gag even more. He finally threw up in Sam's hand. The only thing we had to clean up with was a tissue from my pocket, so Sam wiped Nathan up the best he could and we started driving again - throw up still in Sam's hand. For lack of something else to do, he rolled down the window and threw the throw-up out. 

And just as that whole situation took place, guess who passed us? Well, none other than the lady I visit teach that saw Ellie fall in the street and all of that. She probably thinks we're crazy!

It was definitely one of those moments that I never would have imagined before I was a parent. We couldn't stop laughing. It was good to get a little humor into our morning. And we are definitely glad that our kids are ok.