Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Post for Tami

Dear Everyone Who Reads This Blog,

Sam and I (mostly Sam) just got off the phone with his mom, who informed us (mostly me) that we needed to update our blog. So, because Sam has the pictures from our trip on his computer - which he is using for homework right now - I will just write a little bit about what's going on in our lives.

School has started up, and it's been great to be back on schedule. Sam is taking 18 credits so he's busy, busy, busy. As for me? I'm only taking 12. (auditing 4 and retaking 8 so I don't rack up any more credits than the 48 I'm allowed to have when I apply to the Nursing Program again)

We've also started as managers of Apple Tree Apartments. Mostly it's been maintenance around the apartment, Sam riding herd on the 8 boys to clean, check-ins and check-outs, manager meetings, and painting parking lines in the parking lot by hand. Though it's been busy, it's been good to help things get back to the way they should be as BYU-I approved housing.

This weekend we are going to be spending lots of time with family. Ben is going to be leaving for Iraq on the 21st (I think) so we are going to Twin Falls to spend time with all of the Brubakers except for Joe who's doesn't get home from Mexico until March. It will be a weekend full of good memories. Even before we leave for Twin Falls on Saturday, though, Adam, Marci, Joseph and Isaac are coming to stay with us on Friday night! It will be fun to have them be the first visitors in our new apartment.

After we all spend time together in Twin Falls, Jacob will be the second visitor in our apartment! He'll stay until he goes home to Placerville on October 1st. He's going to have to sleep in my old flowery bedding, but at least it's soft and warm, right?

Overall we're really happy right now. Life is good, the weather's great, we're enjoying school, and my favorite holiday is only 101 days away!!!

I hope you will all forgive me for my sparse posting lately! Again, I promise to be better. There will be some fun pictures from Arizona and California coming your way, so be excited!

See you soon, Brubakers!!


Images by Freepik