Friday, April 29, 2016

A Day to Remember

Yesterday was a day to remember. 

It started the day before (Wednesday) around 5 pm when I was feeling pretty good about myself because the kids had cooperated nicely with getting their chores done in the morning and played well together pretty much all day, which left me with plenty of time to get many items checked off of my house cleaning to-do list. The house was sparkly clean when I started dinner (this hardly ever happens), and I was quite happy about it.

I am a den leader for the Bear Scouts in our ward and we had pack meeting that evening, so I had to leave before we were quite finished eating dinner. Sam was busy getting kids put to bed, working on an outside project, and trying to comfort a very sad baby while I was gone, so he didn't get a chance to clean up. By the time I got home and bathed, fed, sang to and put to bed said sad baby and finished up some homework for a family history class I am taking, I was exhausted and figured I would do a quick dinner clean-up in the morning. Besides, the entire house was clean except for the dinner mess, so I figured I would be in a good place in the morning.

On Thursday morning I woke up later than I hoped to, which meant I got home from my morning run right as Sam had to head out the door for work. The kids were still eating breakfast at that point, so I figured they would be occupied for a few minutes.

And they were definitely occupied... But not in the way I had hoped.

I sent this picture to Sam when he had only been at work for a few minutes with the caption: "I have been punished for trying to use the bathroom by myself."

Spaghetti from the night before was strewn ALL OVER the kitchen, and immediately Ellie and Nathan said "It was Jonah!" (Yes, I had forgotten to put the left overs away too...) And Jonah had been kind enough to walk through it, smashing it into the floor... While wearing my shoes. 

As Ellie told Sam's mom later that day, "Mommy sent us downstairs to watch a movie so she wouldn't get mad at us." True story. Sometimes moms need a little time out before they react in a way they will regret, you know?

So I took a long shower. And when I got out, I fixed Ellie's hair and dropped her off at preschool.

When we got back I debated having the boys help me clean up the mess because, you know, natural consequences and all that. But I decided I didn't need any more smashed spaghetti noodles tracked throughout the house... So I turned on yet another movie for them while I cleaned up their mess. Yep, I'm awesome like that.

Let me just say, that was not a quick mess to clean up. Wet spaghetti noodles stuck to every surface of the kitchen, with spaghetti sauce left over once I got the noodles up. Whew!

Once the kitchen was cleaned up, I brought the boys upstairs so I could bathe Jonah. I wish I had a picture of him before his bath because he was covered from head to toe in spaghetti sauce. But he sure is cute when he's clean!

While I was bathing Jonah, Thomas decided to leave me a nice present:

So then we had take 2 on bath time. 

But apparently the older boys got hungry while I was taking care of that little issue, because I came out to this:

See the empty salt and pepper shakers behind Nathan? They had dumped those all over the counter and floor as well. I am so glad we didn't have to do take 3 on baths after that - a quick wipe down took care of it.

At that point we rushed out the door to pick Ellie up from preschool. I'm sure I looked like I had been hit by a tornado when I went into Ellie's class to get her.

I brought the kids home, made lunch, and sent them to bed. Then I collapsed into my bed to take a nap myself instead of cleaning the kitchen again, which I probably should have done instead. 

Luckily we left for swimming lessons right after naps, so they couldn't do any more damage to the already-destroyed house. Spirits had improved when we got home, so we all worked together to get the house cleaned up.

Sam had a work party that night, and I don't think I have ever been more excited for one of those in my life. It was the perfect day to take a little break from the craziness. Besides, BYU-Idaho caters these delicious little mint brownies, so I got to have way too many of those... Anyway...

I woke up this morning recharged and ready for another day. Even though some (ok, most) days are overwhelming, there is no title I would rather claim than "Mommy" to four of my favorite people. 


  1. Yeah, and they say stay at home moms don't work. Wow! What day. How did you ever find time to talk to me?

    1. I was actually picking up spaghetti as we talked. I'm glad you called to keep me company while I did that!

  2. That is why we always had a dog, Henry ate a lot of those kinds of messes.

    1. Funny you should say that. Yesterday is the first time in my whole life that I wished I had a dog for that exact reason!

  3. But Henry wouldn't have helped with that diaper blowout! Sister--what a day. I love those stinky rotten boys of yours!

  4. Heidi, You're such a trooper!!! Love you so much for your wonderful example!!!


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