Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thicker than Thieves

I love watching my kids interact. I especially look forward to watching the relationship these boys will have, with all three of them right in a row. I'm sure there will be some trouble, but I hope they will also be the best of friends.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Ellie is completely in LOVE with Thomas. She constantly asks to hold him, to help change his diapers, to burp him, etc. Watching her care for Thomas reminds me of this post from 2014. She is such a natural nurturer.

Even though it seems like over kill, I wanted to put all of the pictures I have of Ellie holding him in this post because it will help me remember just how much she really does ask to hold him.

She asks to hold him at bed time,

before she leaves for preschool,

when he's awake, 

when he's sleeping, 

when she's watching a movie,

or when she's surrounded by her brothers.

Ellie has made my recovery and adjustment to being a mom of 4 kids so much easier because she is such a great helper. She is great at giving Thomas his pacifier when he's crying, singing to him when he's sad, and snuggling him when I'm helping one of the other boys or making dinner. I have had a few people tell me that I will be glad that I have a girl as my oldest, and I have to say that I already am. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sibling Love

Can't leave Thomas out! Apparently he needed a hat too.

Ellie, Nathan and Jonah sure love their littlest brother. I can't wait to watch them interact as they get older.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Thomas Bennett Brubaker

     Our little Thomas Bennett Brubaker was born on January 3, 2016 at 12:15 am. We are so happy he is here!

     The little guy's due date was January 1, but I guess he decided he didn't want to come that day. So, since I had a c-section with Nathan and I wanted to have another VBAC, we decided to schedule an induction for the 2nd so that he wouldn't get too big and put me at increased risk for uterine rupture. 

     On the night of the 1st we decided to enjoy our last night as a family of 5, so we went out to dinner as a family and had a great time. We told the kids that when they woke up in the morning, we would be at the hospital having the baby and their grandma would be at our house. We went to bed all ready to go have a baby first thing in the morning.

     Well, when I called the hospital at 5:30 that morning, they said they had some walk-ins and I should call back at 8:00. I was pretty deflated, since I had already had an emotional deadline in my head for when the baby would be born. We called back at 8:00 - they said call back at 10:00. I called back at 10:00 - they said call back at noon. I was beginning to wonder if we would even be able to go in that day, but when I called at noon they told me to come in. We were excited and SO ready! 

     We had to stop for the obligatory maternity center picture.

     I changed into a hospital gown, signed a million papers, answered a million questions, had my blood taken, got my IV put in, and it was time to get started!

     The doctor came in and broke my water and put in an intrauterine pressure catheter around 1:15, and they started the pitocin. Since I was having a VBAC, they started the pitocin really low and monitored contraction strength closely with the intrauterine pressure catheter.

     Every 30 minutes or so the nurse would come in and turn up the pitocin by 1 or 2, then continue to watch the monitor for another 30 minutes. It took quite awhile to get the contractions strong enough and close enough together to be effective, and by 8 pm I hadn't progressed at all since I got there - I was still 3 cm. I started to get discouraged because it was taking so long, and I was beginning to be afraid I would have to have another c-section. From 8-9 the contractions finally got strong enough and close enough together to be effective though, so at 9 they decided to check me again, and I was at a 4. Over the next 3 hours I progressed pretty quickly. Throughout this time the baby started to have some variable decelerations, which meant that the cord was being compressed. The nurse told me they weren't worried about it quite yet, but if they continued they would start to worry. I kept progressing quickly, the decelerations continued, and when I was an 8 the nurse had the doctor come in because they were worried about how the baby would continue to handle the cord compression. The doctor decided that he would have me try to push and see if we could get the baby out before I was completely dilated to a 10. It was scary to see my usually calm doctor's panicked face as he kept his eyes on the baby's heart rate. As he watched the monitor for a few contractions, he decided that we needed to get him out quickly, so he had me push and he used the vacuum to get my baby (whose face was turned sideways) out in a matter of 10 minutes. I am so grateful for my wonderful doctor!

     Then they set sweet little Thomas on my chest. His poor face (especially his eye) was pretty beat up from coming out sideways, and his head was bruised from the vacuum, but he was just perfect. Even after his traumatic entrance into the world, his Apgar scores were 8 and 9. 

     He weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and was 21 inches long - by far the biggest of my four babies! 

     The nurse got him all cleaned up, and after eating like a champ, he got to spend some time with Daddy.

     I love my little guy!

     Ellie, Nathan and Jonah got to come see their new brother on Sunday, and they were absolutely in LOVE. Ellie is a miniature mommy, and she kept ordering Nathan and Jonah to be careful and quiet.

     Jonah's reaction was the most surprising. I thought he would be jealous and possibly try to hit Thomas, but he was completely enamored. From the second he saw him he kept saying "baby!" and reaching his arms out to hold him.

     Nathan loves his brother, but he is a little more reserved in how he expresses it.

     I am so grateful for the safe arrival of our little Thomas. I know that life will be crazy as a mom of four little ones, but I couldn't be happier or more excited for the challenge. Welcome to the family, Thomas!

Images by Freepik