Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Appointment

Wow, it's been a really long time....

We had another doctor's appointment today:

I took my glucose test (it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.... everyone always says it's horrible) and the results came back normal. My iron levels and hemoglobin are good too. My blood pressure was 117/81, I measured 26-27 cm, and I've gained 16 pounds so far. It's really weird when the doctor tells me, "eat hearty meals, I want you gaining a pound a week from now on."

And now the exciting part!!! Little baby girl is healthy. She was head down. The doctor says she is about 1 3/4 pounds, which is a little smaller than average, and how much I weighed when I was born! (But please don't come yet, baby!) Her heart beat was 145 bpm - looking good! :)

I can tell she's gotten lots bigger and stronger over the past few weeks because her kicks are harder (I can see my belly move almost every time she moves) and sometimes I can feel her kicking/punching on both sides of my belly at the same time! It's getting a little harder to get comfortable at night because my belly's growing and it feels like it just flops down on the bed.... I'm sure there will be lots more where that came from as she gets bigger. :) It's also been much harder to breathe lately, (I get winded by doing the most ridiculous things) and tons harder to bend over - I have a hard time putting my shoes on sometimes! :) Sam also likes to tease me because I can't see the underside of my belly when I'm standing up. He'll point and say, "you've got something on your shirt." I'll ask where, and he'll just keep pointing. I've learned that it's much easier to just pull my shirt out to look rather than try to bend over and see. I'm sure that's another thing that will only be harder as the baby gets bigger! :)

Over all, I love being pregnant. I love feeling our little baby move and knowing she's doing well!!! I'm really excited to meet her, but I hope she takes her time coming!
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