Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Salt Lake with Cameron, Alex and Mary

This is at the Children's Museum at Gateway Mall. We all had so much fun there!

The kids got to go inside a helicopter, and they thought that was quite cool!

After the museum we went to the fountains outside the mall. It was a hot day and the kids really enjoyed it! They were so cute and funny to watch.

Here they are soaking wet... Maybe we're bad, but we just let them get wet in their clothes. Not one of them complained about being cold on the drive home (they were wrapped in towels, I'm sure that helped), so we figured it wasn't too horrible.

Mary was so tired on the way home! Isn't she cute?

I know, I know... It's been a long time. But don't worry, I'm going to write ALL about our vacation in the next few days. The computer won't let me add any more pictures right now, but I have more to say so I'll post again tomorrow!

Favorite memories from Utah:

- Having Alex tell me "You were really young to get married, huh." (I just thought: you're definitely not the only one to say that) :)
- Watching Cameron laugh when Mary was disgusted at Sam and I holding hands
- Hearing Mary talk on her fake cell phone to Cinderella, Snow White and "Beauty." "Hello, Beauty? Cinderella says she can't come over. Ok, love you, bye."
- Watching the three kids team up at the museum to get all the building blocks from the one bossy kid.
- Hearing Cameron and Alex laughing in their room when they were supposed to be asleep, then going silent when they heard Sam's or my footsteps in the hall.
- Getting a picture Mary colored for us and telling her we'd put it on our fridge
- Racing through Wal-Mart as "boy team and girl team" to try to find the tie dye kits first

Monday, August 9, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Well, we've been moving!! A few weeks ago we got the offer to manage an apartment complex of 6 boys, live in a basement apartment with 2 bedrooms and save 60 dollars a month on rent. So, we jumped at the opportunity and moved in all our stuff before we left on vacation.

Moving stuff into the kitchen cupboards... Fun stuff!

Our first meal in the new apartment.

This is us at Warm Slough. This spot is where Sam and I had a bonfire last summer with friends... And it's where Sam says he fell in love with me.

Here I am where we stood last summer, pointing to the sunset we watched as we talked for hours.

This is in the back of our new apartment. The last managers didn't do very much yard work, but we're looking forward to planting a garden next year!

Notice the nice line of weeds? The right side is our yard. Don't worry though, they're gone now.

All of these weeds are taken care of too. You wouldn't believe the bugs that flew out at us when we weed-whacked those guys!

And this is the start of our vacation. Hello Jackson Hole!

On our first night camping we made these campfire pizzas. We used pita bread for the outside and put sauce and string cheese on the inside. I wasn't expecting much, but they were super good!

This is what they looked like before we wrapped them up like a burrito.

Here's our campground at Gros Venture the first night. There were lots of other families close by, so it was easier to sleep at night without waking up every few minutes afraid of bears.

It was fun to roast marshmallows. I hadn't done it in awhile!

This is Sam's version of a perfect marshmallow... Just let it burn to a crisp. I'm glad he likes it!

Here we are getting ready to get on the ferry across the lake.

As we were riding on the ferry to the start of the hike this rainbow was in the wake.

And this is as we started the hike.

This was the view from a little ways up the path.

Here we are at the top: Inspiration Point looking over Jenny Lake.

Sam's turn!

And now together...

After we got to the top we decided to hike back a little further into Cascade Canyon. Look at that view! I know the hat looks silly, but I didn't want to get my part sunburned...

And this is where we saw a moose! It was out in the canyon.

This is at String Lake where we went swimming. It is only about 7 or so feet deep at the center, and crystal clear the whole way. It was freezing, but we still had fun swimming around.

This was in a shop in Jackson Hole. We had fun just messing around. It's amazing to me what kinds of random things people will buy in gift shops for ridiculous amounts of money.

I definitely wasn't meant to be a cowgirl!

This is the side of the Tetons that we don't see in Idaho.

Look how beautiful! We had lots of fun in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.

Right now we are in Salt Lake City watching Sam's 3 cousins - Cameron, Alex and Mary. We've had lots of fun adventures so far, and we'll blog about it when we get the chance!
Images by Freepik