Friday, May 30, 2014

Pockets and Puddles

It's impossible to get a good picture of this little guy lately because he moves 1000 miles an hour! He's completely fearless, so he will attempt pretty much anything. His most recent adventures include grabbing onto the pew in front of us at church and taking his feet off of the bench so he could swing into the pew. After he did it once he said "Fun! Again!"
He was not happy when we wouldn't let him do it again. He also nearly jumped off of the arm of the couch. It's a good thing Sam realized what he was doing and caught him before he hit the ground.

He also loves to walk around with his hands in his pockets. 

Cute, even if it's blurry!

His favorite thing right now is probably puddles. He will jump in any amount of water, even if it is only a millimeter deep, and say "puddle!" Over and over again. He was playing in a puddle at the neighbor's house in this picture. It sure took a long time to get him out of that puddle and back in the stroller!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just Because He's Cute

One can only look out the window for so long without falling asleep....

Sunday, May 25, 2014


The older two kids have gotten more used to having Jonah around - they don't want to smother him 24/7 anymore - but Ellie still loves to sit down next to him and ask to have their picture taken. She will put her arm around him and give a cheesy smile. I love the relationships I see my kids developing with each other, and I hope that they stay strong as they get older... Though they do fight quite often! :)

Summer is finally here to stay (well... As much as it will "stay" in Rexburg...) so we have been spending lots of time outside. This chubby little man likes to lay on the blanket and look around at the park. It is so fun to watch him take in everything new in the world.

I just love summer in Rexburg. There is such an excitement throughout the city since it is finally warm, and everyone spends as much time as possible outside.

I just read this through and realized that it doesn't flow or make any sense.... Oh well... It's just what's on my mind tonight.  I'm not even going to try to go back and fix it. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

While I Was Nursing... Continued

Part 1 here.

I had gone out and had them turn the water off, but apparently you can still do a lot of damage with a puddle in the dirt.

This picture pretty much sums up what was happening. Ellie (who had taken off her clothes so they wouldn't get dirty) was bringing cups of sandy water and dumping them over Nathan's head. Awesome.

At least Nathan didn't mind, right? ... Trouble-makers!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

While I Was Nursing...

Ellie wasn't sorry at all. Little stinker.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pictures by Ellie

Ellie decided to take pictures of Jonah today while I was in the shower. Considering what the pictures she normally takes look like, I thought this was pretty good. You know, at least his face is in the picture. :) Maybe she has photography in her future?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Making Breakfast With Dad

Ellie and Nathan made breakfast with Sam on Saturday. They got to stir the eggs, and they were quite proud of it. I'm so grateful for Sam for many reasons, but one is that he teaches me that it's ok to let the kids do things that make messes. I often don't want to deal with the mess so I don't let the kids do as many things as they would enjoy doing.

Another one of those messy things the kids love to do is drink green smoothies. Nathan was sporting a nice goatee and handlebar mustache.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Photo Dump

I was looking through my pictures last night, and I realized that there a quite a few that I want to have on the blog for memory's sake. So here we go!

What is it about sleeping babies that's just so stinking cute?

Last week Ellie told me "I miss Tucker and Karli." This was her face when I told her they were going to be there for her birthday that weekend.

I take the kids waking around the track at BYU-Idaho pretty often. Usually I put Ellie and Nathan in the double stroller, and Jonah in the carrier. This time I let Ellie hold Jonah in the front of the stroller from the car into the building before I put him in his carrier. She was quite proud!

And Nathan got tired on our walk. Notice Ellie's hair? She kept hanging over the back of her seat and poking Nathan trying to wake him up. 

This little man graduated from size newborn clothes into 0-3 months. It is totally strange to me because my other two were in newborn clothes forever! I don't think either of them made it to 0-3 clothes until they were at least 5 months old. I think Jonah is going to be the chubby baby of the family. :)

Hello?! How cute is this?! Straight out of the bath.

While my Dad and Hyrum were here this weekend for Jonah's baby blessing, we hiked Cress Creek. The kids had lots of fun playing on the water.

Hyrum and Ellie had to prove that they can be contortionists.

Ellie's birthday was also this last weekend, and one of her presents was a bubble machine. I think the pure joy kids get from playing in bubbles is hilarious.

Those bubbles could keep them entertained for hours!

This silly little boy thinks he's a baby. It's funny because he never liked a pacifier, and he hated his car seat toward the end of his rear-facing days... Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I suppose! That and it must be cool because the baby does it. :)

Images by Freepik