Monday, July 18, 2016

Riding the "Caro-horse"

Ellie and Nathan earned certificates from the reading program at the library for a ride on the carousel (or "caro-horse" as Ellie and Nathan call it) at the park, and today they wanted to use them. I thought Jonah would be sad that he didn't get to ride, but he was happy to just watch.

It's always fun to watch kids on the carousel, waving and saying "hi Mom!" every time they come around. 

Nathan was especially excited to see me each time.

Ellie has been saving up her money earned from doing jobs around the house, and today she wanted to spend her money on cotton candy. She was so proud as she walked up to the counter and put her change down.

Ellie is excited to share with her brothers when they wake up from naps, but I'm not looking forward to the sugar high... 

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  1. Ellie looks so much older to me! She's a beautiful girl!


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