Monday, February 27, 2017

October's Re-Cap

     Wow, it has been awhile! I have tried to blog quite a few times from my phone, (since that's where my pictures are it is just easier) but I can't even tell you how many times the Blogger app has crashed when I was nearly finished with a post, deleting the whole thing. So frustrating! After that happening about 10 times that kind of took the wind out of my sails... But now I have come to terms with the fact that I need to blog from my computer - and I'm ready to stop putting it off!

     I thought the quickest way to get up to date would be to go by month, so here we go, starting with October!

Nathan used to be the last one of his siblings to fall asleep, and sometimes he would come hang out in the doorway of our bedroom until he fell asleep. He did this almost every night for about a month, then he stopped.

The first name Ellie learned how to write besides her own was "Eve." We had to take a picture to send to my mom so she could show Eve. Ellie was pretty proud of herself! She still loves to write down the names of everyone she knows, especially our family.

Sam finally got to finish the chicken coop after it got destroyed when it blew over earlier in the summer. Nathan LOVED to be outside with him while he worked.

We also watched General Conference, and each of the kids had to show me their pictures of President Monson.

Tommy didn't quite make it to the end!

My brother Ben came home from his mission in October, and I went to Arizona by myself to see his homecoming talk. It was really strange but relaxing to be there without my kids!

Annie was really cute and wanted me to play house with her. It was funny that she fit so well in the doll cradle!

All of the siblings together again after 2 years! (Even though I'm blocking part of Ben's face... Whoops.) Also, I'm officially short!

Once I got home we played lots of play dough. And when we do play dough my kids have to get out pretty much every single utensil in the kitchen...

But hey, at least they were having fun!

Mmm... Play dough cookies!

What a beautiful sunset! (It's so strange to see this picture now, because the neighbor's house on the left has since burned down and they are in the process of demolition and eventually rebuilding.)

We have been wanting to get a piano for awhile, and we decided to do it this year! (I am now taking a beginning piano class at BYU-Idaho and really enjoying it!) Every year a store from Idaho Falls comes to Rexburg and sells discounted, used pianos, so that is where we got this one. Also note that I have not added any picture evidence of my fourth child to the wall... I should probably get on that!

These last two pictures are the only two pictures I have from Halloween... That's a bummer! The top one is us running to the grocery store 30 minutes before preschool to buy treats for Nathan's class since I had forgotten to get them before. Yep, I am awesome like that.

And this one is Nathan playing air hockey with Sam at BYU-Idaho after trick-or-treating at Sam's office building and a kids Halloween party that they threw on campus. For the sake of remembering, Ellie was Elsa, Nathan was a ninja turtle, Jonah was a dragon, and Thomas was Batman. Afterwards Sam took the kids trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. They had a great time and got TONS of candy. I always feel sorry for the kids teachers the day after Halloween because of the sugar!

It us fun to look back at pictures from October and remember some of the fun things we did and to see how the kids have grown physically and with all they have learned! I can't wait to get to November's pictures.
Images by Freepik