Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Book Rippers/Lovers

My kids love books - especially the boys right now. But we are still in the phase where books get a little too "loved" by certain children of mine...

Both of these books had been ripped to the point of not being able to use them, and I had taped them back up again after quite awhile of them sitting in my pile of projects.

The boys were sure happy to have them back!

I hope to raise my kids to love books of all kinds. For now I think we are off to a good start! (Though apparently I need to teach them better book etiquette!)

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  1. I worked as a children's librarian for over 10 years. Yes! Please keep letting them have access to books. It's okay if they are explored and get a little hurt. We don't hand copy the things any more. It's a quick phase and helps get them started to be life long readers. I wish more parents would stop being afraid of a little physical damage. Keep the older kids favorite one out of reach for a while for the sake of family peace. But if it's that good a book it will stay in print.


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