Thursday, April 27, 2017

Funny Kid Quotes

I haven't been as good at recording the funny things my kids have said as I would like to be, but here are some funny quotes since the last kid quotes post! Some of these Sam recorded, and others I recorded:

While sitting in Sacrament meeting one Sunday Jonah turned around, looked at the elderly man sitting behind us, and said, "That President Monson, Mommy!"

Whenever Jonah gets an idea he says, "My brain got an idea!"

Jonah, not wanting to walk upstairs after Heidi and I exercised, said, "it's too hard for me to walk."

Ellie was looking out the window at a dog and said, "I don't like that dog because one time it barfed at me."

Ellie calls her heel her "high heel."

Ellie told me a gentleman put her book away at kindergarten. I asked her who and she said it was a kid named Gabe. She then said, "I said it quietly..." I asked her what she said, and she said in a very adoringly hushed voice, "Wow. What a gentleman."

Ellie asked me, pointing to her ribs, if those were her "wrinkly bones."

Nathan calls an umbrella a "kumbrella."

Nathan in his prayer tonight said, "Please bless that if any big rocks are going to hit the earth that you will move our planet to a different out of the way. And that everyone else will like our planet too."

While in the car Nathan was talking about how when he grows up he's going to work at "the same place as Sam." Then he said, "and I will have more kids than this (pointing to the kids in our family). I will pray for 66 kids." 

I love these funny glimpses into my kids' cute minds!

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