Thursday, August 11, 2016

Funny Kid Quotes

These are some quotes/funny or cute things I have been keeping track of that the kids have said over the last 9 months or so. I thought I would put them here mostly for my own memory, but also because some of them are pretty funny! Here we go!

Ellie, out of the blue while she and Nathan quietly sat eating lunch at the island: "I'm really going to miss you when I get married to another man."

Ellie and Nathan say "Patrick" instead of "package." I think it must be because they have a friend named Patrick. (Actually a few weeks ago Ellie said "package" for the first time and then said "I said it right!" It makes me a little sad that she's growing up!)

Nathan was telling me a story (he loves to make up stories) and he said "Garden of Egypt." I asked him what the "Garden of Egypt" was, and he said, "Where Adam and Eve were."

I was helping Ellie clean out the dishwasher and she said, "You get the glasses and I'll get the plastics."

Ellie came running in the house from outside and said, "Mom! There are bloodsuckers out there!" (Talking about mosquitos)

I overheard a conversation between Ellie and Nathan: 
Ellie: I'm going to be five tomorrow!
Nathan: Yeah, and you're going to break the whole house down!

Me, to Nathan and Jonah: Come on, my cuties.
Nathan: We're not cuties, we're handsomes!

Nathan and Ellie call their big toes "thumb toes."

Jonah calls someone's birthday their "happy cake." 

Instead of saying "person" or "people" Ellie says "human" or "humans." So we will randomly be walking around public places and she will say, "There are a lot of humans here." or "What is that human doing?"

We were sitting at dinner when Nathan randomly said, "Some old people look like this:"

After watching the live action Cinderella Ellie said, "We need to watch Cinderella 2 to see how many kids she has."

We were trying to distract Jonah in the car by showing him baby horses, when Nathan says: "Look Jonah, a baby house!"

Jonah calls flashlights "green lights."

I love listening to all of the funny things these kiddos have to say!


  1. There are lots of joys we get from being moms, and these are some. Love those darling kids!

  2. I laughed out loud to some of these! And this is Mom, not Lily

  3. Happy cake :) That's awesome.


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